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  • Michael & Amy Hartmann

    Michael and Amy are business nerds, scholars, world travelers and lovers of life and one another. They have worked separate jobs in the same corporate office, have worked in different jobs at different companies, and in 2012 they broke up with the corporate world and since then, have started and run several successful businesses together. Just like their business skills have improved over the years, their marriage has gotten stronger since they made the decision to spend 24 hours a day together on almost every day of the year. In addition to business consulting, they began offering relationship coaching and have since worked with and studied couples of all ages, genders, races, and cultural and professional backgrounds. As a result, Michael and Amy are able to provide a unique, insider’s perspective on what makes couples successful in life and in business. With a humorous, direct, no bullshit approach, they provide real strategies to help you thrive in your business and in your relationships.

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